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Summer Puppet Workshop

  • Summer Puppet Workshop

    The Puppet Workshop, held for six days in June, was a success for both the kids who attended and the adults who produced it. Many very creative sock puppets were made, and there was great participation in the plays (“The Hare and the Tortoise;” “Little Red Riding Hood;” “Pierre, I Don’t Care;” and “Old Toad.”) which were performed before an audience of over 20 proud parents, grandparents and admirers.

Louis Fox Art Library

  • If you haven’t checked out the Library, you should take a look. There are books on artists (we can guarantee that you will find both those you know about and those you don’t); history of art; collections from museums and exhibits; photography; arts and crafts; “how-to” for various media; textiles from around the world; poetry (from the Inlandia collection); and children’s books on artists and art activities. The Library is open during the hours that the Center is open. It is a great place to relax, to have a conversation, or to find a new interest.

Attention Piano Teachers!

  • We have a perfect venue for your student recitals. Our pianos are maintained by Cannon Pianos of San Bernardino. On-site parking available.

Fallen Fruit Event Recap

  • The Fallen Fruit event, coordinated by Danielle Wallis of Arts Connection on May 19th, not only provided the participants with a fun, art-filled experience, and with trees for the Center and the neighborhood—but also with picnic tables to be placed in the “backyard” area and in the patio. These tables will be engraved with poetry and comments from the participants at the event.

    This planting and art activity was the result of grants to the Arts Connection from the California Arts Council and the San Bernardino City Fine Arts Commission.

San Bernardino Sings Folk Songs, Every Thursday

  • The San Bernardino Sings Folk Songs group returns after a summer break. Recently they appeared on Inland Empire Live, a TV show on Channel 3. If you want to see them singing with joy, you can access the program on YouTube at this link:

Pottery Wheel

  • There is now a professional pottery wheel in the ceramics studio. The wheel was donated by Diane Grant, an SBVCA Board member (SBVCA is the parent organization of the Garcia Arts Center). Diane is also an artist, with specializations in ceramics and glass.

Volunteers Recognized

  • At the League of Women Voters Citizens of Achievement event on May 20th, several of the regular volunteers of the Center were honored. Nominated by Executive Director Ernie Garcia (also a volunteer), those awarded the honor are: George Bohn, Maggie Foss, Luis Fuerte, Dotti Garcia, Tim Garcia, Richard Gonzalez and Dan Rinne.

    All honorees received certificates from a “plethora” of elected officials. These people volunteer at the Center at least weekly on a regular basis. There are many others who volunteer for specific events and purposes, and,of course, the volunteer Board of Directors is involved with the policies and programming at the Center.

    Volunteers Recognized by the League of Women VotersLeft to Right: Luis Fuerte, George Bohn, Dotti Garcia, Maggie Foss. Richard Gonzalez was not available for the picture, and Dan Rinne and Tim Garcia were unable to attend the event. (Photo by Elaine Bohn at the East Valley Water District Headquarters)

Dana Gioia Winner of the National Poet's Prize

  • Dana Gioia, the current Poet Laureate of California, who visited and spoke at the Garcia Center for the Arts in December, recently won the national Poet’s Prize.

    This award, administered by Lake Forest College, is presented annually to the best book of verse by an American author published within the two years prior. 99 Poems: New & Selected features 12 new poems juxtaposed with work spanning Gioia’s career, most notably examining life’s more solemn experiences of death, time, mortality, grief, love, and family.

    Gioia also won a Poet’s Prize in 1992 for his book, The Gods of Winter, making him the first recipient in the prize’s 30 year history to be honored on two separate occasions for different works.” We are very proud that Arts Connection was able to bring Dr. Gioia to San Bernardino, and that the honored book is in our Arts Library!

    i The Blog: California Arts Council, April 18, 2018

Recent Donations

  • Recent donations have been a 2005 Yamaha Motorcycle, and a beautiful organ. Keep posted for news on the motorcycle, and possible concerts on the organ.