San Bernardino Valley Concert Association


Photo Credit: Fabian Torres

The San Bernardino Valley Concert Association or SBVCA,
was established in the year 1932.

The purpose and mission of the association when it was first founded was to contract with touring music and dance groups to perform for their audiences.

The association would pay all major cost for groups performing at the Sturges Center for the Fine Arts. The groups performing would then take all proceeds from ticket sales to sustain their program.

By the turn of the Century the Valley Concert Association was not able to continue their philanthropy because of a lack of funding.

In 2008 a generous donation from the estate of Frank Plash gave the needed funds to revive the Concert Association.

The board adopted a simpler Mission “To Sponsor, Promote and Sustain the Arts.”

Sponsoring concerts, music programs, and other non-profits the SBVCA remains active in their community.

In 2013, the Association's board approved the lease with the San Bernardino Municipal Water Department for the abandoned adobe building on 11th Street.

The building was dedicated in honor of Ernest and Dorothy Garcia for their many contributions to the visual and performing arts.

On November 16th, 2015 it was named the Garcia Center for the Arts. A home for creatives and art organizations the Garcia Center is a sturdy foundation for San Bernardino's art renaissance.

“Living the Arts” event co-presented by the James Irvine Foundation at the new San Bernardino Garcia Center for the Arts