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Future First Filming

  • Beginning in February 2021, Future First film productions will be creating a podcast from The Garcia Center for the Arts. They are looking to feature artists’ work as part of the set: paintings, photos, ceramic pieces, books or even jewelry. If interested, please send a short message that you would like to share along with your art piece. Contact Future First through Instagram, or email,

Future First Entertainment

Garcia Center Libraries

  • New books have been added to our art and comic book libraries at The Garcia Center. These amazing books highlight local illustrators, creators and writers. Please consider reading these books for yourself.

    Featured Books

    MOSAIC, a collection edited by The Little Gallery of San Bernardino

    LOUD: Politics of Art & Art of Politics edited by Duan Kellum of Skool Boiz & Creative Grounds

    TORN, a modern mythological comic written and illustrated by Andrea Bonales

    POST COVID, 8 page color mini comic about Daniel Whitfield’s thoughts while working the postal service in the time of covid-19

Garcia Center Library New Books

Garcia Center Gardens

  • We were pleasantly surprised at the beginning of December by our local Home Depot store on 21st Street. Their $1,000 donation will go towards supporting the continued beautification of The Garcia Center. Now, more than ever, we are looking at our outdoor space to hold activities and programs for the community. There is already so much growing at the Garcia Center: bananas, oranges, grapefruit, to name a few.

Donation for Garcia Center Gardens
  • If you missed it, make sure to watch the Garden Talks interview featuring The Garcia Center’s Executive Director, Jorge Osvaldo Heredia, speaking on his gardening and community involvement, and how it is an art form that requires a sense of creativity.

Art Classes + Ceramic Wheels

  • October 2020. We now have four working ceramics wheels at The Garcia Center. Soon we’ll be holding classes with the wheels.

    December 2020. We love seeing our community create so we will continue to offer art classes! We will have ceramics, but now with pottery throwing wheels! We also are working on introducing glassblowing, printmaking, and painting instructors to the center. We will be offering more classes online as well, to accommodate and serve more people during the length of the pandemic.

Ceramic Workshop Artwork

Meeting Space

  • The San Bernardino Neighborhood Association Council and the San Bernardino Art Association have been meeting at The Garcia Center for the Arts. We are glad to host them as we work to strengthen and revitalize the city of San Bernardino.

Huerta del Valle Tour

  • A few Board members took a tour with founder Maria Alonso of Huerta Del Valle, a community garden in Ontario. We were asking questions and collecting more ideas of what we can do for our own potential community garden at the Garcia Center.

Succulents from Superabilitee, Inc.

  • Executive Director, Jorge Oswald Heredia, would like to say thank you to Regina and Edgar Beltran of Superabilitee, Inc., who donated and planted succulents around the patio fountain.

    Superabilitee, Inc. on Instagram

7 Day Film Competition Winners

  • The six entries are now available to view on SB Arts Collab. The winners were announced on August 29th, 2020 by Valley College’s Institute of Media Arts:

    Best Use of Prompts – Fabian Torres for “Zomboi”
    Best Direction – Laarni Jocson for “Be the Girl of Your Dreams”
    Best Screenplay – Tachiana Elise Mitchel for “The Ring”
    Best Editing – David Moongeeuh for “Officer Iggy”
    Best Cinematography – Marlen Del Rio for “The Shrink”
    Best Actor – Anthony Magana for “Officer Iggy”
    Best Actress – Danae Pera for “The Shrink”

7 Day Film Competition Screening

Artist in Residence: Erok the Lion

Erok the Lion Logo
  • Starting September 1st, 2020, we will be having an artist in residence at The Garcia Center for the Arts, Erok the Lion. Erok is a multi-talented artist from San Bernardino, who has created many murals in a number of cities throughout California. Erok’s paintings focus on the abstract and figurative, with elements of bright colors, pop art and graffiti all in one. Erok uses an assortment of materials and media: acrylic, oil, pastels, spray paint, magazines.

    We are excited to be able to provide a studio space for Erok to continue his work. We are looking forward to experiencing the art that is produced here at the Garcia Center.


    Links to Work:

    Meet Erok the Lion
    Video Clip by Sofia the Warrior @sofiathewarrior

The Garcia Center for the Art’s Visionary Leader Set to Retire

Ernie Garcia
Photo by Mark Muckenfuss
  • Ernie Garcia has spent a lifetime promoting and supporting the arts in San Bernardino. One of his many projects, has been leading the vision of renovating a historic building, The Garcia Center for the Arts, for the past 5 years. In his role as Director, he has inspired many arts groups to set up home at the center, hosted many cultural events and established a variety of arts classes: printmaking, ceramics, painting, dance, writing.

    Beginning this month, Ernie will be transitioning from his role as Director for the Garcia Center for the Arts. He will be handing over those responsibilities to Jorge Osvaldo Heredia, who currently serves as president of the board that oversees the center.

    Ernie will continue to be a presence at the Garcia Center, volunteering and sharing valuable input where needed, alongside his wife, Dotti Garcia, and son, Tim Garcia, whose efforts have also greatly contributed to bringing the Garcia Center to life.

    Thank you Ernie for your leadership and talents, making the Garcia Center for the Arts a reality.

Proyecto de Huerto Comunitario

  • Encuesta de Opinión Pública: El propósito es determinar el interés y el apoyo para un nuevo jardín comunitario en la ciudad de San Bernardino. Sus respuestas se usarán para decidir cuál es la mejor manera de iniciar el jardín en el García Center de las Artes.

    Oprima aquí:

Anuncio de el Jardin Comunitario
Anuncio de el Huerto Comunitario
Lllamada de Interes Comunitario
QR Jardin SB

Community Garden Project

  • Public Input Survey: The purpose is to determine community interest and support in a new garden project. Your answers will be used to decide how best to approach a community garden at The Garcia Center for the Arts.

    Click here:

GCA Garden Project Announcement
Community Garden Announcement
Public Input Call
QR Garden SB Flyer

Ideas from the Board

  • By Dr. Margaret Worsley, Board Secretary

    Your SBVCA/Garcia Center Board had a lot to discuss at the most recent session. With the global pandemic of COVID-19, the Garcia Center for the Arts and the San Bernardino community has experienced significant loss—from missed creative opportunities of cancelled art classes, to loss of revenue from events and performances.

    The Board is committed to finding ways we can get crafty (pun intended!) and still be of service to our Inland Empire community. One proposed idea is to host a “virtual” art show. The Garcia Center is used to providing a platform for artists to exhibit their work, so why should things change simply because we are limited to an online reality? There are many collaborative possibilities with this idea, including extending partnerships with Arts Connection, San Bernardino Valley College and KVCR.

    Another venture posed by President Jorge Heredia is to possibly host remote concerts. In lieu of our newest Chamber Music series being postponed, Jorge knows that the Garcia Center is still a beautiful location to possibly film remote concerts. With the help of film students of Lucas Cuny at San Bernardino Valley College, summer program participants will be working side-by-side with multi-media specialists, and could very well bring this idea to fruition.

    We hope you are all saying healthy, safe and creative!

Update from the Board

  • The San Bernardino Valley Concert Board has met often during the past two months. During these unprecedented times, we have had to discuss how best to shift our programming and also adhere to all the public health precautions.

    The doors of the Garcia Center will have to remain closed to the gathered public for now, but we still want to serve the community. As a board, we have decided to focus on moving our events and programs online. On our website, we have created a Virtual Art Exhibit of Marilou Santiago’s artwork entitled “Impressions From East to West”, which document Marilou’s travels around the world. We are hoping to create more of these Virtual Art Shows over the coming weeks and months. You can visit the current online exhibit by going to our website here.

    Following State and County COVID19 guidelines, we are also looking into using the outdoor grounds of the Garcia Center to film short videos highlighting local artists. The idea is to then share the content on our website and social media platforms. We hope to work with students from San Bernardino Valley College over the summer to do this. There will be more information about this project once we define the best way to do it safely.

    Lastly, we are also exploring the possibility of a community garden to be on an empty lot just north of the Garcia Center. Fay Aldridge, a Master Gardener and a leader of the Neighborhood Association Council of San Bernardino, is serving as a mentor on how best to get this project started. The garden effort has already received donations from Loma Linda University’s Phi Alpha Honor Society, who purchased a wheelbarrow, rakes, shovels and other gardening tools. We are encouraging and asking for community input on the garden project. Please take time to fill out our input survey here:

    Jorge Osvaldo Heredia, SBVCA Board President (909)277-4394

First Inaugural Cosmic Comic Fest

  • On Saturday, August 24th, 2019 the very first San Bernardino Cosmic Comic Fest was held. A great time was had by all who attended and viewed the collection of comic books which belong to the Center, purchased duplicate books and items by the several vendors, and listened to former Mayor Judith Valles, Artist Cindy Rinne and Board President Jorge Heredia each tell a story from one of the books and read conversation from that story. There were people in costume, and several families who attended. It was a great inauguration for an event that we hope to continue.

    Photo: Former Mayor Judith Valles (the Real Wonder Woman) and Super-Villain Carnage

Former Mayor Judith Valles and Carnage

Welcome San Bernardino Symphony Association

  • The San Bernardino Symphony Association has moved its office to the Garcia Center. A ribbon cutting and Open House, hosted by the San Bernardino Chamber of Commerce, was held in April, 2019. The staff occupy space in the West Wing. Executive Director of the Symphony Association, Dr. Anne Viricel, is also on the Board of the SBVCA, the parent organization of the Garcia Center. Staff of the Symphony Assn. includes Judy Brewer, Operations Manager and Judy Steppins, Guthrie Music Library Rental Librarian. Both Judys are active volunteers at Center events. We are pleased that they are all a part of the arts scene at the Garcia Center for the Arts.

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting for SB Symphony Offices

Louis Fox Art Library

  • If you haven’t checked out the Library, you should take a look. There are books on artists (we can guarantee that you will find both those you know about and those you don’t); history of art; collections from museums and exhibits; photography; arts and crafts; “how-to” for various media; textiles from around the world; poetry (from the Inlandia collection); and children’s books on artists and art activities.

    Coloring Activity
    When you visit our Art Library, you will find a table with designs to color. There will be colored pencils and markers for you to use. This is meant to be a relaxing, almost-meditative activity. Stay as long as you wish (during the hours we are open) and come back when you wish.

    The Library is open during the hours that the Center is open.

The Louis Fox Art Library Sign

Volunteers Recognized

  • At the League of Women Voters Citizens of Achievement event on May 20th, several of the regular volunteers of the Center were honored. Nominated by Executive Director Ernie Garcia (also a volunteer), those awarded the honor are: George Bohn, Maggie Foss, Luis Fuerte, Dotti Garcia, Tim Garcia, Richard Gonzalez and Dan Rinne.

    All honorees received certificates from a “plethora” of elected officials. These people volunteer at the Center at least weekly on a regular basis. There are many others who volunteer for specific events and purposes, and, of course, the volunteer Board of Directors is involved with the policies and programming at the Center.

    Volunteers Recognized by the League of Women VotersLeft to Right: Luis Fuerte, George Bohn, Dotti Garcia, Maggie Foss. Richard Gonzalez was not available for the picture, and Dan Rinne and Tim Garcia were unable to attend the event. (Photo by Elaine Bohn at the East Valley Water District Headquarters)

Dana Gioia Winner of the National Poet's Prize

  • Dana Gioia, the current Poet Laureate of California, who visited and spoke at the Garcia Center for the Arts in December, recently won the national Poet’s Prize.

    This award, administered by Lake Forest College, is presented annually to the best book of verse by an American author published within the two years prior. 99 Poems: New & Selected features 12 new poems juxtaposed with work spanning Gioia’s career, most notably examining life’s more solemn experiences of death, time, mortality, grief, love, and family.

    Gioia also won a Poet’s Prize in 1992 for his book, The Gods of Winter, making him the first recipient in the prize’s 30 year history to be honored on two separate occasions for different works.” We are very proud that Arts Connection was able to bring Dr. Gioia to San Bernardino, and that the honored book is in our Arts Library!

    i The Blog: California Arts Council, April 18, 2018

Fallen Fruit Event Recap

  • The Fallen Fruit event, coordinated by Danielle Wallis of Arts Connection on May 19th, not only provided the participants with a fun, art-filled experience, and with trees for the Center and the neighborhood—but also with picnic tables to be placed in the “backyard” area and in the patio. These tables will be engraved with poetry and comments from the participants at the event.

    This planting and art activity was the result of grants to the Arts Connection from the California Arts Council and the San Bernardino City Fine Arts Commission.