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  • Throughout the month of June, we invited 24 community members to take part in discussions and dialogues on how to create a human-centered city. With the help of Future First, we recorded 6 separate conversations focusing on wellness, vending, local business, arts and education, city planning, and the narrative behind our community and how it is represented in the media. Keep an eye out for these videos throughout the month of July.

    This project is part of the Just San Bernardino Collaborative (JustSB), which is a coalition of 9 organizations who believe that now is the time for the “People” to have a voice about the conditions in San Bernardino, not just government and big businesses!

    Learn more about JustSB and the mission at

Garden of Health, El Jardin de la Salud

  • On June 20th, we invited the community to come and help us paint a mural for the Garden of Health, El Jardin de la Salud.

    Huge THANKS to all the community members, gardeners, creatives who have helped with this project. We are eternally grateful! Please follow and support all of the local artists and organizers, making everything possible: Ana Cervantes, Alcira Mendoza, Edgar Perez Peña, and Sarah Rain Devine.

A Space Between Us

  • A Space Between Us is a project made possible by The State of California’s “Your Actions Save Lives” campaign. On June 12th, we hosted a soft launch for the project with artist Tamara Cedré. There was a film screening documenting pandemic stories from residents throughout San Bernardino, CA. These stories were shared also through the creation of a zine, which you can pick up from The Garcia Center. On a related note, you can also start picking up the IE Community Newspaper at The Garcia Center again. Make sure to pick up this week’s copy.

IEHP’s Cultivate IE Program

  • Summer 2021 – We are so excited to share that The Garcia Center for the Arts will be part of IEHP’s Cultivate IE community garden program, providing a $20,000 sponsorship to support the creation of a Zen relaxation garden.

The Garcia Center Receives a Sponsorhip Through Cultivate IE Program

Summer 2021 - Investments in Arts & Culture

  • We are so happy to share with you that The Garcia Center for the Arts has been included in the California State Budget, as an arts and culture line item investment for the local community of San Bernardino. We are so excited and are looking forward to all the possibilities this funding will bring to the center and the community. We want to thank both Assemblymembers Eloise Reyes and James Ramos, and their invaluable staff for making this happen. Without your support and unwavering advocacy, these major accomplishments would be impossible.

    But the Garcia Center for the Arts is not the only investment being made in San Bernardino. We are also happy to share that the historic California Theater is receiving $2,500,000 for repairs and upgrades.These are truly significant investments for the arts and culture in San Bernardino!

Meet Resident Ceramics Artist Alcira Mendoza

  • Alcira is a ceramicist by trade, born and raised in San Bernardino, CA. A first generation college student who recently received two bachelors in both Studio Art and Biology from California State University of San Bernardino. She aims to teach and engage others through ceramics. As an artist, Alcira hopes to create a catalyst that encourages conversation with her artwork, while finding ways of connecting her love of science, art, and her community.

    Alcira has started wheel throwing classes at The Garcia Center. Schedule private classes with Alcira by emailing or by messaging them through Instagram @alley.cat_ceramics or @thegarciacenterforthearts.

Alcira Mendoza Headshot
Alcira Teaching Wheel Throwing Technique

May 2021 - Neighborhood Association Council Monthly Meeting & Plant Sale

  • The Neighborhood Association Council of San Bernardino met at The Garcia Center for the Arts on the first of May. County Supervisor Joe Baca Jr was a guest speaker at the meeting, and shared his priority issues as well as potential solutions. Also featured were Karen Suarez with the Making Hope Happen Foundation & UpliftSB, as well as our friend Jenny Kane, speaking on behalf of Arts Connection.

    The following week, the NAC also held a successful plant sale event. There were musical performances from the Highland Pickers, as well as other art activities thanks to Arts Connection and Planet A SB.

    Interested in getting more involved in your neighborhood? Join your local Neighborhood Association today! Info HERE.

COVID Vaccine Pop-up Clinic

  • On May 14th, we partnered with Loma Linda University Health and El Sol to do a pop up COVID vaccine clinic at The Garcia Center. We had a good number of people from our community come get vaccinated and many others who helped volunteer. We even had a musical performance during the clinic from singer Pamela Nolasco Brito. We are happy to offer the space for these pop up clinics, as we make our way out of this pandemic.

Painting Free Food Pantries in Riverside

  • Thanks to IEHP, we are connecting artists, who are beautifying free food pantries for communities in Riverside. Thanks to all of the artists who have helped with this project so far: Belen and Jose Ledezma, Alaina Murillo, Mariana Gomez and Nadia Solis.

April 2021 Updates: From the Future Community Garden

  • On April 25th, 2021, we broke ground at the future community garden, literally. We rented a trencher and were able to cut the lines to install a water pipe. An amazing group of volunteers helped lay down cardboard and mulch. We thank you so very much! Stay tuned as this space develops. Please reach out if you are able to help with this project.

    On May 15th, we are partnering up once again with Huerta del Valle to create a second mural. If you are interested in helping out. Please send us a message through Instagram or email. Thank you. Visit Huerta del Valle on Instagram for more on this garden location, 1455 E. 3rd Street, San Bernardino, CA 92410

March 2021 More Updates: From the Future Community Garden

  • New backflow, tailpipe and water meter officially installed. Big thanks to Raymond Devine for helping us out. We will have a community meeting on April 5th, 2021 at 5:30pm. If you are interested to join us, please send a message through our Instagram or email us at

    Over Spring equinox weekend, we were also at the “Garden of Health”, on the eastern end of San Bernardino. During the pandemic, we have been learning and helping at this garden, collaborating with Huerta del Valle and Loma Linda University School of Health.

    We have helped organize artists, whose creative work has been bringing additional color and vibrancy to this green space in San Bernardino. Over the past year, murals have been designed by Ana Cervantes and brought to life alongside a group of other amazing artists: Sarah Rain Devine, Alcira Mendoza, Cynthia Morales, Edgar Perez Peña, James Ojeda. Most recently, Duan Kellum of Skool Boiz has also installed a painted wooden rendering of his design “Touching the Sun”.

    If you would like to get involved with the painting of a second mural, please get in touch with us. Visit Huerta del Valle’s Instagram for more on this garden location, 1455 E. 3rd Street, San Bernardino, CA 92410.

San Bernardino -Jardin de la Salud

Congratulations Lucy Sunga

  • Special Congratulations to Lucy Sunga, Ceramics Instructor at The Garcia Center for the Arts, and the newest commissioner to the City of San Bernardino’s Arts & Historical Preservation Commission. Lucy was sworn in on Thursday March 25th. We are excited for Lucy and all the great things we know she will contribute to the commission.

    Follow Lucy’s work on Instagram.

Ceramic Instructor Lucy Sunga

February 2021 Updates: Future Community Garden

  • We have been slowly working and researching on the best way to start a community garden at the empty lot just north of The Garcia Center. We have started to request wood chips and mulch from local arborists, as well as started to install a backflow necessary for irrigation. The lot has been vacant for decades now, on what was formerly a location for McMahan’s furniture store. If you would like to help, please contact us. Stay tuned for more.

Garden Delivery
McMahan's Furniture Store

Raíces y Alas Cultural Workshops

  • We are happy to collaborate with San Bernardino’s Mexican Consulate @consulmexsanbe and Roxanna Cervantes of @ideasandplus to bring creative workshops inspired by Mexican cultural traditions and values. Workshops will start in February 2021 and will be held primarily in Spanish. Stay updated and register by going to

    Nos complace colaborar con el Consulado Mexicano de San Bernardino y Roxanna Cervantes de Ideas & Plus para traer talleres creativos inspirados en las tradiciones y valores culturales mexicanos. Los talleres se llevarán a cabo principalmente en español y comenzarán este mes de febrero. Manténgase al tanto y regístrese en

Raíces y Alas Flyer

Future First Filming

  • Beginning in February 2021, Future First film productions will be creating a podcast from The Garcia Center for the Arts. They are looking to feature artists’ work as part of the set: paintings, photos, ceramic pieces, books or even jewelry. If interested, please send a short message that you would like to share along with your art piece. Contact Future First through Instagram, or email,

Future First Entertainment

Garcia Center Libraries

  • New books have been added to our art and comic book libraries at The Garcia Center. These amazing books highlight local illustrators, creators and writers. Please consider reading these books for yourself.

    Featured Books

    MOSAIC, a collection edited by The Little Gallery of San Bernardino

    LOUD: Politics of Art & Art of Politics edited by Duan Kellum of Skool Boiz & Creative Grounds

    TORN, a modern mythological comic written and illustrated by Andrea Bonales

    POST COVID, 8 page color mini comic about Daniel Whitfield’s thoughts while working the postal service in the time of covid-19

Garcia Center Library New Books

Garcia Center Gardens

  • We were pleasantly surprised at the beginning of December by our local Home Depot store on 21st Street. Their $1,000 donation will go towards supporting the continued beautification of The Garcia Center. Now, more than ever, we are looking at our outdoor space to hold activities and programs for the community. There is already so much growing at the Garcia Center: bananas, oranges, grapefruit, to name a few.

Donation for Garcia Center Gardens
  • If you missed it, make sure to watch the Garden Talks interview featuring The Garcia Center’s Executive Director, Jorge Osvaldo Heredia, speaking on his gardening and community involvement, and how it is an art form that requires a sense of creativity.

Art Classes + Ceramic Wheels

  • October 2020. We now have four working ceramics wheels at The Garcia Center. Soon we’ll be holding classes with the wheels.

    December 2020. We love seeing our community create so we will continue to offer art classes! We will have ceramics, but now with pottery throwing wheels! We also are working on introducing glassblowing, printmaking, and painting instructors to the center. We will be offering more classes online as well, to accommodate and serve more people during the length of the pandemic.

Ceramic Workshop Artwork

Meeting Space

  • The San Bernardino Neighborhood Association Council and the San Bernardino Art Association have been meeting at The Garcia Center for the Arts. We are glad to host them as we work to strengthen and revitalize the city of San Bernardino.

Huerta del Valle Tour

  • A few Board members took a tour with founder Maria Alonso of Huerta Del Valle, a community garden in Ontario. We were asking questions and collecting more ideas of what we can do for our own potential community garden at the Garcia Center.