To Sponsor, Promote and Sustain the Arts

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Learn more about how we Sponsor, Promote and actively work to Sustain the arts in our community.


We have sponsored many local concerts since our founding in 1929

Giving all proceeds generated back to the organization sponsored to maintain their program.

We sponsor art programs at the Garcia Center for the Arts.

Sponsorship can come in the form of a donation, or free space at the Center.

We have sponsored the start up cost of many art non-profits in our area.

Symphonie Jeunesse

San Bernardino Art Association


Wild Lemon Project

Office Space for Creatives and Art Organizations.

at the Garcia Center for the Arts

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Events at the Garcia Center

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The Garcia Center for the Arts, where the arts flourish.

Donate your time or funds to help upkeep the Garcia Center for the Arts to further sustain art programing and keep the lights on for creatives in our community.




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